Better, faster, younger

12 Nov 2012

Author: Brad Howarth

Photography: Pierre Toussaint


Cloud computing is one of the fastest growing and most exciting concepts on the internet today, and allows users to access internet-based software applications through a web browser as easily as if they were running on their own computer. Joseph Glanville, Alexander Sharp and Sheng Yeo are making sure that those web-based applications also run at lightning speed.
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Although still in their early 20s, the team has built what has been rated as the world’s fastest cloud computing service, by creating a method for storing data using off-the-shelf IT hardware that means software in the Cloud can run even faster than is possible with a dedicated server.

The initial prototype was developed in 2009, with the three quitting their jobs and going into debt to buy the equipment they needed. A full product was released in April 2011, and fortunately their gamble has paid off. Orion VM turned a profit within three months and has signed up some heavyweight clients including the NSW Government and one of Australia’s largest telecommunications companies.

Co-founder Yeo says the Sydney-based company has now opened an office in San Francisco to pursue rapid growth opportunities.

“There are so many web applications that are hosted there that need what we deliver,” Yeo says.

The team has impressed the right people and has already secured investment from the former head of engineering at US-based Digital Equipment Corporation, Gordon Bell, and from the co-founder of the Australian telecommunications company Pipe Networks, Stephen Baxter. Yeo and his team are now looking to raise a second round of funds in the US and Australia.

Not bad for a company that was officially incorporated out of a dorm room at the University of Technology Sydney barely two years ago.