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Category > Landing [Taxonomy Driven]

Class: society-style
Navigating the AI revolutionTags: Innovation | Creative Innovation | Digital Influencer | Education | Inspiring Australian Women | Technology | University | Social Change | University
An Australian cultural anthropologist is helping the world find its way in the new era of artificial intelligence (AI).
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Class: technology-style
Putting data into play
Tags: Australia | Innovation | Sport | Start-up | Technology | UK
Catapult has grown from a modest Australian startup into a global leader in athlete analytics. Its technology is powering sports superstars and elite teams around the world, improving performance and ...
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Tim_Ruse web
Class: technology-style
Ahead of the game in virtual reality
Tags: Innovation | Australia | Creative Innovation | Entrepreneur | Gaming | Start-up | Technology
New Australian gaming technology that allows groups of friends to roam about together in virtual reality chasing zombies has grabbed the attention of global gamers. The founders of Melbourne-based Zer ...
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Class: environment-style
The sound of sustainability
Tags: Climate Change | Creative Innovation | Environment | Technology | Tasmania
Software developer Echoview is helping governments and scientists worldwide explore the oceans, and support the sustainability of aquatic life, with its world-leading hydroacoustic data processing.
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Jack Zhang_web
Class: business-style
Fair exchange: simplifying global payments
Australian startup Airwallex is transforming the world of cross-border business transactions. Jack Zhang and his four co-founders are bringing foreign exchange into the internet age, using smart auto- ...
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Class: technology-style
High-flying edutech platform
Smart Sparrow began as a research group at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and is now a global leader in online education with a focus on adaptive and personalised learning technology. More t ...
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karl headshot 3
Class: business-style
Artificial intelligence at work
Australian Karl Redenbach believes his New York-based company LiveTiles is poised to turn traditional work methods upside down using artificial intelligence (AI). He says the era of digital transforma ...
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Desert Knowledge Precinct
Class: business-style
Sparks in the Desert
Tags: Inspiring Australian Women
Nestled deep in Australia’s Red Centre, the Desert Knowledge Precinct is home to innovative organisations and initiatives that create opportunities for desert communities. These include the Intyalheme ...
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Class: technology-style
The best of 2017: Australian Technology
Australians have made incredible advancements around the world in technology. Catch up on the best advancements featured on Australia Unlimited in the past year.
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