Young Australians making an impression on the world



Young, ambitious and creative. Meet the thirtysomething Australians who are turning heads worldwide with their science, technology, art, music and fashion.

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Marita Cheng
Class: technology-style
Marita Cheng: The Australian roboticist helping blind people see with the click of a button
Discover how roboticist Marita Cheng is helping vision-impaired people see the world around them.
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Kym Ellery
Class: design-style
Kym Ellery makes her mark on Paris
Australian fashion designer Kym Ellery has gone from a remote outback upbringing to being accepted on the prestigious official schedule of Paris Fashion Week.
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Local people from the Arabian Desert in Jordan helping Mina draw water from a well
Class: society-style
Mina Guli: Athlete, educator, water-saving wonder woman
Beijing-based Australian Mina Guli is educating students around China about the severity of the global water crisis and raising awareness by completing superhuman challenges.
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Jessica Wilson
Class: business-style
Stashd: A one-stop shopping app for global fashion
A simple swipe to the right on a smartphone is connecting Chinese millennials with high-quality fashion brands from around the world, thanks to a young Australian entrepreneur and Chinese e-commerce giant Tencent.
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Seamus Thomson
Class: science-style
The Australian PhD student helping NASA find alien life
University of Sydney PhD student Seamus Thomson, has been handpicked by NASA to look for alien life, on Mars and Saturn’s oceanic moon Enceladus. The 24-year-old is using his biomedical engineering skills, to help identify alien life and ensure other planets are not contaminated by material from Earth.
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Jon Soong Co-founder Makers Empire
Class: technology-style
3D printing – preparing students for the jobs of tomorrow
Australian startup Makers Empire has created what is being billed as the world’s easiest-to-use 3D printing software. The learning program has been picked up by schools across Australia, the US, Hong Kong and China that are recognising the important role the technology will play in the future.
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Matthew Sweeny, CEO Flirtey
Class: business-style
Flirtey: The rise of the drones...
When the first legal drone delivery on United States’ soil took place experts hailed it as a ‘Kitty Hawk moment’. This giant leap forward for the commercial drone industry was engineered by a start-up helmed by a 27-year-old Australian.
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