Australians breaking new ground


Foam submarines, bees with backpacks and cyclone-proof housing made of recycled plastic. Just three of many life-changing inventions created, designed and developed in Australia.

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A drop in the bucket
Twenty years ago, Rhett Butler saw many children in developing regions drinking polluted water. As a result, he developed a unique solution that led to the formation of Skyjuice, an organisation that uses Australian technology to provide world-class safe, potable water to remote, low-income communities for as little as 20 cents per person, per annum.
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Nev Hyman with village elder in Vanuatu credit Ted Grambeau Photography/Nev House
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Australian surfing icon delivers sustainable houses for communities in need
From surfboards to sustainable shelters, Nev Hyman’s latest startup is providing safe, affordable housing to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. His low-cost houses are cyclone-proof, built almost exclusively from recycled plastic and waste materials, and can be deployed to remote communities in a matter of weeks.
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Image provided by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), credit James Gathany
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Australia's mosquito men
An international team of scientists led by Professor Scott O’Neill of Monash University has developed a natural method to reduce the spread of dengue fever across the tropics. He and fellow Australian, Professor Paul Young of the University of Queensland, are part of the global effort to beat and treat dengue, a disease which infects 390 million people every year.
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