Australians breaking new ground


Foam submarines, bees with backpacks and cyclone-proof housing made of recycled plastic. Just three of many life-changing inventions created, designed and developed in Australia.

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Seabin, Co-founders Pete Ceglinski and Andrew Turton
Class: environment-style
Australian invention Seabin tackles ocean pollution
Two Australian boat builders have developed a world-first product to clean the world’s oceans, one marina at a time.
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Ron Allum at work, Image provided by Ron Allum Deepsea Services Pty Ltd
Class: environment-style
The man who built James Cameron a foam submarine
For decades, Ron Allum has been assisting directors to access and film in some of the most remote locations on earth. After developing an innovative material to allow Hollywood heavy hitter James Cameron to descend to the deepest depths of the ocean, Allum is now exploring how this material can be used in military, mining, scientific, and search and rescue applications.
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