Six tips for Australian startups and scaleups going to Berlin

It’s no secret that Berlin is the hottest place in Europe for startups and scaleups looking to find investors. But let’s assume you’ve already made the choice to relocate your startup to Berlin. While you can certainly survive just showing up, perhaps you’d like a softer landing.

Our Landing Pad can help Australian startups to relocate to Berlin. Want to make your startup’s move to the city as easy as possible? Here are our top tips for a smooth relocation.


  • Join a co-working space
    Co-working spaces are designed to flexibly serve the needs of their members. The key benefits to joining a co-working space are the knowledge exchange, the natural and ongoing opportunities to grow your network – you simply won’t get any of that from a private office. Independent and established co-working spaces like betahaus have a tight-knit yet open-access community where exchange of knowledge, inspiration, ideas, hires, clients and networks enable new-in-town startups to grow fast. Employees who work out of co-working spaces also report that they’re thriving at work more than those working in traditional offices.

  • Get involved in startup events
    Berlin is home to thousands of tech events each year. Attending them all is a near impossibility, but by splitting your time between large scale events and smaller events that are relevant to your industry, you’ll have opportunity to make yourself and your company known. Startup Calendar and Startup Digest are the best resources available for startup events – whether your startup specialises in Internet of Things, advanced manufacturing, MedTech, future mobility, or renewable energy, you’ll find startup events on every day of the week.

  • Join Facebook Groups
    Stay up to date on startup meetups, new products, programs, events and opportunities in Berlin by joining the right Facebook groups: Startups Berlin, Tech & Startup Events Berlin and Berlin Startups. Members post everything from interesting offers to partnership opportunities, and it’s an excellent way at connecting with the startup community on a grassroot level.

  • Join Weekly Meetups
    Rather than shaking hands in a corporate high-rise, Berlin networking often takes the form of weekly meetups. Share your story at betabreakfast, a weekly pitch event that allows you to introduce yourself to the community at betahaus over coffee. You can also join one of the events hosted by other major players on the startup scene like St. Oberholz or Silicon Allee. With a little help, you’ll find yourself in the room alongside the most relevant players in Berlin in no time, and a strong network means strong opportunity.

  • Finding a Flat
    Rent prices in Berlin may have increased 70% since 2004, but they’re still strikingly low relative to rent prices in other tech hubs. The best way to find a long-term flat in Berlin is to just show up. To help with your house hunting, platforms like Immobilienscout24 aggregate apartments and commercial real estate into one easy place. Berlin is also heavily reliant on peer-to-peer transactions and many apartments are exclusively listed in Facebook groups such as WG-Zimmer & Wohnungen Berlin or Flats in Berlin. All this goes to say that you will have to put a bit of work into finding a flat in Berlin, but once you have a place, you’ll enjoy low rents in central neighbourhoods and a flexibility you’ll rarely find elsewhere.

Of course, our best advice for relocating to Berlin with your startup or scale up is this: apply for our Landing Pad. We’ll ensure you get the introductions you need, and we’ll set you up in one of the most esteemed coworking spaces in Berlin.

Apply now for the Berlin Landing Pad.

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