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The Singapore Landing Pad operates out of WeWork, a global network of workspaces where companies and people grow together. Since entering the Singaporean market in December 2017, it has rapidly expanded its footprint to 7 workspaces in the city state to serve freelancers and individual entrepreneurs, startups and small businesses, and larger multinationals looking for flexible space and networking opportunities. 

Occupying three floors, WeWork at 71 Robinson Road is nestled between Singapore’s Central Business District and the vibrant Tanjong Pagar neighbourhood. Participants will be in the epicentre of activities driven by startups, investors, multinational companies and government agencies in the vicinity.

WeWork’s 350+ offices across 60+ cities, including 7 in Singapore, also provide participants with the opportunity to expand their Landing Pad experience across geographies as they scale globally. The Landing Pad in San Francisco operates out of WeWork too.




Samantha Mark

Landing Pad Manager Singapore

Samantha co-founded an edutech platform startup where she played an integral role in vendor acquisition and building a customer pipeline. Her interest in the startup ecosystem has enabled her to expeditiously profile Australian innovation and technologies in the ag-tech sector to the Singaporean market as well as facilitate business partnerships for Australian startups.

Singapore Landing Pad Alumni

Location: Singapore
Anatomics is a medical device company that designs, manufactures and markets innovative patient specific surgical products to surgeons internationally ...
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Location: Singapore | Singapore
CEC Systems
CEC Systems is an industrial technology company building integrated solutions to complex global challenges facing the shipping and logistics industrie ...
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Location: Singapore
Cindicium is an inventor, manufacturer and distributor of equipment and IT services that help to solve the physical and data supply inadequacies withi ...
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Location: Singapore
Collective Campus (CC)
Collective Campus (CC) is an innovation hub, school and consultancy based in Australia and Singapore.
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Location: Singapore
Ebilities is the world-leading provider of learning and problem-solving agility tests for hiring high potential staff in global markets.
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Freight Exchange
Location: Singapore
Freight Exchange
Freight Exchange's award winning digital marketplace is a free and instant service that efficiently manages all aspects of the booking and dispatch pr ...
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Green Sync
Location: Singapore
Founded in 2010 GreenSync is an energy-tech company that is pushing the boundaries towards more flexible and decentralised grids, keeping grids stable ...
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Location: Singapore
Hipflask is an event discovery platform connecting audiences to the event industry through a socially-connective and adaptive recommendation engine.
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NIESM_logo vertical_rgb-01
Location: Singapore
The management of epilepsy is difficult due to the complexity of the causes of seizures and the diverse, yet highly personal nature, of seizure expres ...
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Play2Lead logo
Location: Singapore
Helping teams be more inclusive and high performing by making corporate learning fun, measurable & impactful.
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Location: Singapore
PrepEd is an online platform and marketplace for test preparation professionals and delivers content flexibly to a mass consumer market. Previously th ...
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Location: Singapore
Quitch is the first gamified mobile learning platform that provides for instruction and assessment, together with a motivational feedback system and r ...
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Amplifer Agency
Location: Singapore
Shareable apps
Shareable Apps™ is developed by Melbourne firm, Amplifier Corporation. Shareable Apps are produced by Amplifier’s proprietary and patented Adapptr™ pl ...
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Location: Singapore
SkyCar Transport Systems (SCTS)
SkyCar Transport Systems is a state of the art transport system engineered at the Innovation Centre in Perth.
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Location: Singapore
Zed Technologies
Zed Technologies provides easy cloud access to X-rays and scans for doctors and patients.
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Who should apply?

The Singapore Landing Pad is an ideal location for startups working in the fintech, medtech and edutech areas as well as ICT firms in big data, e-health and biomed.


About Singapore

Government commitment to innovation

Singapore is ranked the world's 7th most innovative country, thanks to a thriving ecosystem of startups, incubators, accelerators and investors and a government invested in innovation and entrepreneurship.

The Singapore Government's commitment to innovation – articulated in its Research, Innovation and Enterprise 2020 plan – emphasises the commercialisation of technology, delivered through a system of enterprise-oriented agencies.

As well as tax incentives for startups and SMEs, the government has a range of innovation funding programs. These include the US$1 billion Technopreneurship Investment Fund, which offers up to US$2 million per startup, attracting entrepreneurs from across the APAC region and other parts of the world.

The Technology Incubation Scheme and Early Stage Venture Fund also invest in emerging companies, leading to the formation of 165 startups in medtech, cleantech and advanced manufacturing between 2011 and 2015.

Singapore is an ideal location for startups working in the fintech, medtech and edutech areas as well as ICT firms in big data, e-health and biomed.

Large pool of VC funds

Singapore is a highly active and growing venture capital (VC) centre in Asia, with multiple early stage VC funds and angel investors. The Singapore Venture Capital and Private Equity Association reported that Singapore-based private equity (PE) and VC fund managers invested more than US$9 billion in 2015.

In 2014, Singapore-based fund managers accounted for more than 55 per cent of total PE and VC investments into Southeast Asia. Singapore-based companies received more than $2.7 billion in PE and VC funding in the same year.

A hub for international business and research

Singapore is one of the world's leading business and financial centres. The World Bank's Doing Business Report ranks Singapore as the world’s most business-friendly country for its open market and regulatory efficiency.

With 3,500 multinational corporations (MNCs) using Singapore as their regional headquarters, the city has a vibrant business community where key decision makers and a deep pool of international talent are accessible.

Singapore’s position as one of Asia's leading R&D centres is strengthened by the presence of these MNCs, many of which undertake major research projects in Singapore and across the Asian region.

Access to Asia's growing economies

Singapore is located within, and has excellent access to, some of the fastest-growing services markets in the world. Its deep business relationships with booming Asian markets mean Landing Pad participants will benefit from access to affluent consumers and multinational corporations to scale their business.

Locating a startup in Singapore also allows entrepreneurs to reach international customers. According to the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor Singapore 2014 report, around 14.9 per cent of early stage businesses in Singapore say more than 75 per cent of their customers are based overseas.

Singapore market profile

Find out more about the Singapore market with Austrade's Singapore market profile.

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