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Chozun, using blockchain-enabled “trust technologies” and data science, provides personalised lifestyle services including style, wellness, fine dining, exclusive events, as well as business services including printing, photography, chauffeurs, and technical support to both inbound expatriate travellers to China and outbound Chinese travellers. Chozun services can be included in corporate welfare packages, frequent flyer, customer loyalty or reward programmes, and high-end hotel concierge service capabilities.

Different from platforms aggregating user-generated comments that are often manipulated or fake, chozun eliminates noise and streamlines the selection process for business travellers using AI to match user preferences with trustworthy service providers. Users can complete the whole process from getting a recommended provider, making a reservation and payment within the app and provide feedback after the service to help the system personalise future recommendations. It also avoids the trouble of making payments abroad.

Chozun is now operating in China, Southeast Asia and Australia and growing fast.


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Founders name : Teresa Truda & Zia Word

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