Shanghai Landing Pad

The Australian Landing Pad at XNode

A bridge to China and the world

The Shanghai Landing Pad is located at coworking space XNode. XNode strives to be the bridge between China and the rest of the world by bringing together the top local and China based international startups into one community. Through its Xelerator program, XNode grows fledgling companies into successful, scalable, and sustainable businesses while simultaneously working with fully developed corporate companies to foster innovation within their organisations. XNode has a strong focus on tech, investor pitch training, demo days, and mentorship from some of China's top business minds.

Learn more about China's startup ecosystem and how your company can tap into one billion consumers.


Daniel Zhan

Landing Pad Manager Shanghai

Daniel is a dedicated innovation and entrepreneurship practitioner deeply connected with the Chinese startup ecosystem and with comprehensive experience servicing corporate innovation, startups, investors, and now government. In 2010, he created Shanda Games’ internal innovation platform, and then founded his own startup in Shanghai focusing on tech and gaming localisation. Before joining Austrade, Daniel established and took charge of China Unicom’s Centre for International Entrepreneurship, promoting cross-border entrepreneurial incubation and investment with telco allies including Telefonica, SK Telecom, and GSMA. Daniel holds a MBA degree from the BI Norwegian Business School and Fudan University Joint Program, and Executive Education Certificate on Entrepreneurship from UC Berkeley.

Shanghai Landing Pad Alumni

Location: Shanghai
BAI Games
BAI Games is an Australian company specialising in game-based learning which has just launched WenHu – a new way to learn Chinese characters.
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Location: Shanghai
chozun 途赞
A platform provides business travellers personalised, curated lifestyle services and local experiences powered by AI and data science.
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Location: Shanghai
Cozitrip provides a tech + AI powered B2B hotel booking platform for Chinese travel agents booking hotels in Australia.
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Location: Shanghai
A fintech platform redefining property investment using crowdfunding and inclusive finance expertise.
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Location: Shanghai
A leading provider of 3D visualisation and hologram technology that creates immersive experiences with application to both consumer entertainment and ...
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Location: Shanghai
Language Your Way Pty Ltd
An EdTech platform gamifies English learning through content aligned to Chinese curriculum while offering online tutoring services and customisable st ...
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Location: Shanghai
Trendwise™ by Inhouse Group Pty Ltd
Trendwise™ is a visitor behaviour analytics platform utilising existing wireless infrastructure and low-cost smart sensors to translate real world dat ...
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Location: Shanghai
Vault Intelligence
Vault Intelligence (福投) creates cloud-based risk and safety management software to help you create a safer workplace.
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Who should apply?

The Shanghai Landing Pad is best for market-ready tech-based scaleups that have already conquered the Australian market.

"You have to be in China to do business in China."

Brent Pearce, Global Sales Director, Trendwise


Gateway to China's innovation ecosystem

The Shanghai Landing Pad is a gateway to China's dynamic and growing innovation ecosystem, and will enable Australian startups access to a broader network including leading innovation hubs such as Shenzhen and Beijing.

Chinese investors are actively looking for technology investment opportunities and strategic alliances with international companies.

Positioning Australian startups in China will create immediate opportunities to accelerate their business development. China's increasing centrality to the global economy also presents exceptional opportunities for Australian entrepreneurs aiming for global scale and impact.

About Shanghai

Centre of innovation and entrepreneurship

China is making significant investments in innovation – and Shanghai is being positioned as a centre for technology, innovation and entrepreneurship. Shanghai’s well-established innovation ecosystem includes extensive venture capital networks, a sophisticated financial services industry and a global legal and business advisory support system. Australian startups can tap into the city's entrepreneur, industry and capital networks to accelerate their business development.

Research and development hub

Expenditure on research and development in Shanghai topped US$13 billion in 2014, or some 3.6 per cent of GDP. Shanghai is the regional headquarters for 525 multinational corporations (MNCs) and houses a quarter of the R&D centres set up by MNCs in China. This global setting has attracted a strong community of Chinese and international technology companies and startups.

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