Yanti Turang

20 Jan 2015

Author: Jane Albert



Yanti Turang is the eternal optimist but only after surviving Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans did she decide to help others help themselves. Founding LearnToLive, a New Orleans-based humanitarian organisation, Yanti is helping improve the social health and quality of life of communities across the globe.
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Founder and executive director, LearnToLive Global

Louisiana’s 100 Great Nurses, 2012


Yanti Turang is the eternal optimist. However it was only after surviving Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans that she decided to radically alter the course of her life to help others help themselves. Born to an Australian mother and Indonesian father, Yanti, the lead singer of indie band Mahayla and an anthropology/ sociology graduate, returned to Australia to complete a Bachelor of Nursing from La Trobe University. A visit to her father’s homeland was the catalyst to found LearnToLive. Today her New Orleans-based humanitarian organisation is supporting and joining communities worldwide to improve their quality of life through healthcare, education, and access to clean water. Yanti continues to be a tireless campaigner for social health most recently founding a program enabling La Trobe nursing students to work in Indonesia. This program not only allows its participants to gain crucial practical training, it offers support for communities in need.

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