Nishan David

20 Jan 2015

Author: Jane Albert



Son of Sri Lankan migrant parents, Nishan David’s upbringing informed his desire to empower communities. This vision combined with a passion for innovative social enterprise led to the founding of ethical t-shirt label Bloodless. By partnering with social entrepreneurs in developing countries Nishan is ‘supercharging’ their ideas into reality.
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Co-founder, Bloodless


Nishan David is the son of Sri Lankan migrant parents. He’s the first to admit that their hard work, sacrifice and community involvement afforded him a privileged upbringing. Defying their expectations he would become a doctor or lawyer, Nishan chose to study journalism, becoming passionate about creating innovative ways to create social enterprise. He strongly believes in empowering communities and young people to help themselves rather than simply giving hand outs. His study at the School for Social Entrepreneurs (SSE) Australia, a school that trains people to progress their idea’s for social business and benefit community, helped develop his particular interest and business niche in sustainable fashion. In direct response to the fatal Bangladeshi factory fire, he co-founded ethical t-shirt label Bloodless, using the business’ proceeds to partner with social entrepreneurs in developing countries to ‘supercharge their initiative into reality’. Their first line of shirts helped support Papua New Guinean Charles Irai’s dream of building a new school in Port Moresby to combat the alarming rate of student drop out. Nishan wants to disrupt the way we engage with donating, to disrupt the old ways of doing things, respectfully. By continuing to work with young people Nishan wants to help Australia be a country that shows the rest of the world how it’s done.

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