Nathan Murphy

20 Jan 2015

Author: Jane Albert



Nathan Murphy has always had a unique approach to life. An upbringing in multicultural Sydney, dropping out of school, and living rough in Darwin all led to his strong desire to contribute to society. With a number of successful start-ups already acquired, Nathan’s creative entrepreneurial drive is making that happen.
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Entrepreneur; Founder, Audio High School, MuesliForMe and SuperTea


Nathan Murphy has always had a unique approach to life. His upbringing in multicultural western Sydney taught him to communicate with people from all walks of life, a trait that has stayed with him. A voracious reader as a child, he grew restless in high school and finally gave up on further formal education, preferring to be self taught. By 18 he was living rough in Darwin, later spending time at the Salvation Army’s Oasis centre in Sydney, experiences that taught him that you could both survive after losing everything and that someone else is always worse off. Murphy used these experiences to channel his entrepreneurial drive, initially building an audio-visual educational tool, Audio High School, and more recently creating start-ups MuesliForMe and SuperTea, both of which have since been acquired. Nathan’s determination has led to introductions to Richard Branson and entrepreneur Timothy Ferris, and his tenacity has taken him to Silicon Valley and beyond. Seeing entrepreneurship as a supremely creative endeavour, Murphy says his greatest fear is being useless to society. His energy, drive and imagination are a guarantee that won’t happen.

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