Lucinda Hartley

20 Jan 2015

Author: Jane Albert



Lucinda Hartley spent much of her early life travelling internationally due to her parents’ work. Inspired to make a difference, she spent two years working in the slums of South East Asia, learning the power of community. Co-founding non-profit consultancy CoDesign Studio, Lucinda is helping local communities implement fast, low-cost neighbourhood improvement projects.
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Multi-award winning designer

Co-founder, CoDesign Studio and Cities by Citizens

@lucindahartley   @codesignstudio   @CitiesByCitizen

Lucinda Hartley spent much of her early life travelling internationally with her geologist father’s work. These travels gave her an appreciation of Australia’s diversity and affluence, inspiring her to make a difference. It didn’t take her long. In 2008, she spent two years working with slum communities in South East Asia, which taught her that the power of community changes everything. This motivated her to co-found CoDesign Studio. Hartley’s non-profit social enterprise that aims to help local communities to conceive, design and implement neighbourhood improvement programs in Australia and abroad, that are faster and cheaper than traditional city-making approaches. To date, CoDesign has delivered more than 30 urban renewal projects, and engaged more than 700 people in projects across five countries in the Asia Pacific. Having studied environmental science at Monash University and later landscape architecture at the University of Melbourne, Lucinda’s study and work has moved her to help educate decision-makers the world over of the need for better urban planning to create safer, more inclusive urban environments. Her Cities By Citizens blog aims to find, develop and disseminate knowledge and tools that enable urban residents to directly design and manage their own places, neighbourhoods and cities. As an Advisor on the Youth Advisory Board of UN-Habitat, Lucinda’s expertise will continue to play an important role in the international promotion pf people-oriented design, and transforming our broken cities into more inclusive sustainable places to live and work.

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