James Reade

20 Jan 2015

Author: Jane Albert



James Reade began volunteering at age 13 in his hometown, Bendigo, Victoria, and was named 2006 Young Citizen of the Year. Having spent the past three years as a state political advisor, James is bringing his passions together in a start-up to help governments and businesses engage with young people.
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Founder, ThinkUp

Former Advisor to the Victorian Minister for Youth Affairs, Environment and Climate Change

@jimmy_reade      @thinkup_au

James Reade is a quiet achiever who calmly gets on with the job of building a better Australia, from the ground up. He began volunteering in his local Victorian community of Bendigo aged 13 and was acknowledged for his work by being named 2006 Young Citizen of the Year. Keen to see young people have a more active voice, James became one of Australia’s youngest councilors when he was elected to the City of Greater Bendigo local council in 2008, aged just 19. An efficient multi-tasker, he founded two businesses at the same time: consulting on community development whilst developing an event management firm. For the last three years James has worked in state politics as advisor to the former Victorian Minister for Youth Affairs, Environment and Climate Change on youth affairs policy development. In 2015 he will launch ThinkUp, a consultancy that will assist governments and business engage with young people and international students. James’ optimism for Australia is contagious – his preferred name for this country is ‘the dream factory’. He’s modest about his achievements so far, which says a lot about his character.

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