Chris Raine

20 Jan 2015

Author: Jane Albert



Chris Raine partied away many of his younger years in a haze of drugs and alcohol. Six years ago he cleaned up his act and stopped drinking. He began posting observations of his newly sober world in his weekly blog, Hello Sunday Morning. Chris’ personal decision has had far-reaching effects.
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CEO and founder, Hello Sunday Morning (HSM)

@ckraine    @HSM_Aus

Chris Raine is upfront about the fact that much of his younger years were partied away in a haze of drugs and alcohol. When he was 21, Chris took a ‘Real Man’ course that opened his eyes to the fact that he needed to get healthy and tackle some of the issues he was hiding from. Returning to university to study a Bachelor of Business/Arts at the University of Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Chris was hungry and ambitious to make a difference to his own life, as well as the lives of many Australians who lean on drugs and alcohol. On January 1, 2009 Chris decided to undertake an experiment - to stop drinking altogether. He began the Hello Sunday Morning blog, posting weekly observations of his newly sober world. Six years later HSM has become a fully fledged Government-funded health program providing early intervention and treatment programs supporting people dependent on alcohol. With increased outreach support and a smartphone app on the horizon, HSM is set to reach a further 500,000 people in Australia, Ireland and further afield who will benefit from its help and ongoing support. Chris has since gone on to obtain an MBA from the University of Oxford as a Skoll Scholar.

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