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Category > Landing [Taxonomy Driven]

Class: design-style
Betty Tran: A cross cultural couture journeyTags: Fashion | Inspiring Australian Women
Since launching her fashion brand in 2012, Betty Tran has built a global empire fuelled by glamorous gowns and a commitment to giving back. The Vietnamese-Australian designer is renowned for her red c ...
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Beth and Tessa Macgraw. Credit:Cara O'Dowd
Class: design-style
A winning way with Australian merino wool
Tags: Design | Fashion | Inspiring Australian Women
The Sydney sisters behind fashion label macgraw have created an innovative new lace from wool that is winning them attention on the global stage.
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Michael Wilkinson; credit: Steven Simko photography
Class: design-style
Michael Wilkinson: American Superheroes meet Australian Style
Tags: Fashion | Film
Sydney-born Michael Wilkinson has conquered Hollywood with his costumes for films including American Hustle, Batman V Superman and Babel. Now he has launched his own company to bridge the gap between ...
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