The best of 2017: Australian design

27 Dec 2017




Lovers of design rejoice, we’ve put together a list of Australian innovators in the design, animation and fashion space.
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Sisters Tessa and Beth MacGraw have created a fine guipure lace made from Australian merino wool rather than cotton or polyester. The new type of lace doesn’t crease like traditional lace, plus it has the added warmth of merino wool. For their new way of producing wool these clever designers were nominated for the prestigious International Woolmark Prize global final.

Macgraw Flannel look. Photographer Edward Mulvihill, stylist Kelly Hume.

Turning ocean waste into furniture has never been so beautiful. Thanks to Brodie Neill’s passion for nature and sustainability, discarded plastic waste is being turned into magnificent pieces of “museum-worthy” furniture. Find out how Brodie Neill might just kick start a movement that is aesthetically pleasing and sustainable.

Maison Balzac candles are the must-have scent for fashion designers and architects around the world. With notes of native ginger, eucalyptus, lemon myrtle – luxury candle maker Elise Pioch Balzac is bringing Australian scents to the world stage.

Paul Vasileff is a designer for the digital age, with his Adelaide-based label taking international fittings over Skype – a design process that blends tradition with technology. His Paolo Sebastian designs are anything but digital, with inspiration for his otherworldly couture creations being drawn from fairy tales and ancient folklore.
Paolo Sebastian - Wildflowers. Credit: Meaghan Coles

As Crowds Supervisor for Disney Animation, Yasser Hamed and his team are at the forefront of procedural animation.  Yasser is designing technology that uses simulation to animate background characters in your favourite films – like crowds of people, flocks of birds, schools of fish and traffic systems. It's the perfect blend of science and design.