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Class: society-style
Navigating the AI revolutionTags: University | Creative Innovation | Digital Influencer | Education | Innovation | Inspiring Australian Women | Technology | University | Social Change
An Australian cultural anthropologist is helping the world find its way in the new era of artificial ...
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Class: technology-style
Putting data into play
Tags: Australia | Innovation | Sport | Start-up | Technology | UK
Catapult has grown from a modest Australian startup into a global leader in athlete analytics. Its t ...
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Tim_Ruse web
Class: technology-style
Ahead of the game in virtual reality
Tags: Australia | Creative Innovation | Entrepreneur | Gaming | Innovation | Start-up | Technology
New Australian gaming technology that allows groups of friends to roam about together in virtual rea ...
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Class: environment-style
The sound of sustainability
Tags: Climate Change | Creative Innovation | Environment | Technology | Tasmania
Software developer Echoview is helping governments and scientists worldwide explore the oceans, and ...
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Jack Zhang_web
Class: business-style
Fair exchange: simplifying global payments
Australian startup Airwallex is transforming the world of cross-border business transactions. Jack Z ...
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Class: technology-style
High-flying edutech platform
Smart Sparrow began as a research group at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and is now a glo ...
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karl headshot 3
Class: business-style
Artificial intelligence at work
Australian Karl Redenbach believes his New York-based company LiveTiles is poised to turn traditiona ...
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Desert Knowledge Precinct
Class: business-style
Sparks in the Desert
Tags: Inspiring Australian Women
Nestled deep in Australia’s Red Centre, the Desert Knowledge Precinct is home to innovative organisa ...
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Class: technology-style
The best of 2017: Australian Technology
Australians have made incredible advancements around the world in technology. Catch up on the best a ...
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