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Jessica Wilson
Class: business-style
Stashd: A one-stop shopping app for global fashion Tags: Inspiring Australian Women
A simple swipe to the right on a smartphone is connecting Chinese millennials with high-quality fash ...
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Marita Cheng
Class: technology-style
Marita Cheng: The Australian roboticist helping blind people see with the click of a button
Tags: Engineering | Inspiring Australian Women | IT | Smartphone Apps
Discover how roboticist Marita Cheng is helping vision-impaired people see the world around them.
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Kym Ellery
Class: design-style
Kym Ellery makes her mark on Paris
Tags: Inspiring Australian Women
Australian fashion designer Kym Ellery has gone from a remote outback upbringing to being accepted o ...
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Professor Paulo de Souza with Mars Rover
Class: technology-style
Bees with backpacks: micro-sensors help solve global honey bee decline
Tags: Innovation
Discover how Australian scientists are using pioneering tracking technology to save the world’s hone ...
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Archie Rose Team, L-R Dave Withers_Will Edwards_Joe Dinsmoor_Nigel Weisbaum
Class: food-style
Australian gins conquering the world
Discover the Australian artisans behind the award-winning gins conquering the world.
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Dr Thomas Oxley in New York City. Credit: Lance Kaplan
Class: technology-style
The bionic spine powered by brain waves
Discover how neurologist Thomas Oxley is transforming prosthetics with the world’s first bionic spin ...
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CSIRO's Australian Square Kilometre Array Pathfinder (ASKAP) radio telescope at the Murchison Radio-astronomy Observatory in Western Australia. Photo credit: CSIRO
Class: science-style
Exploring the origins of the universe
Tags: Astrophysics | Innovation
Discover how the world’s largest radio telescope will help scientists explore the origins of the uni ...
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Veena Sahajwalla: UNSW SMaRT Lab
Class: technology-style
Veena Sahajwalla: Waste Warrior
Tags: Inspiring Australian Women
From Mumbai to Australia, scientist and engineer Veena Sahajwalla is revolutionising the way societi ...
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Melanie Perkins
Class: design-style
Designing a revolutionary canvas
Tags: Canva | Inspiring Australian Women | Start-up
Discover how Melanie Perkins turned her startup Canva into a company worth nearly half a billion dol ...
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