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Class: technology-style
Plant technology about to go viralTags: Agriculture | Australia | Drought | Education | Environment | Innovation | Queensland | Research | Science | Start-up | University
Plant breeding technology developed at the University of Queensland is producing crops that can resi ...
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Class: science-style
Australian startup wages war on drug-resistant superbugs
Tags: Cancer | Inspiring Australian Women | Medicine | Research | UK | diagnostic devices | Health
The emergence of superbugs, immune to existing antibiotics, is a significant global public health pr ...
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Dr Dong_Han_Seo_web1
Class: environment-style
A pure water future
Tags: CSIRO | Humanitarian | Innovation | Ocean | Research | Science | Society | Water | Health
CSIRO research scientist Dr Dong Han Seo has made groundbreaking discoveries that could solve the gl ...
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Denis Randall, Green Distillation Technologies Chief Technology Officer
Class: technology-style
World-first tech turns tyres into fuel
Australian company Green Distillation Technologies has developed ground-breaking technology that con ...
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Ben Buchler from ANU
Class: science-style
Light-stopping technology key breakthrough for quantum computing
In their quest to develop an optical quantum computer, physicists at the Australian National Univers ...
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Class: design-style
The Australian designer behind the burkini
Tags: Inspiring Australian Women
Sales of the burkini have skyrocketed following attempts to ban the garment. Australian designer Ahe ...
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