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Class: design-style
Health by design: Wearable techTags: Australia | Award | Creative Innovation | Design | Education | Innovation | Inspiring Australian Women | Medicine | Melbourne | Technology | University | medical devices | diagnostic devices | Health
Designer Leah Heiss is destigmatising medical devices by using cutting-edge technology to create bea ...
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Beth and Tessa Macgraw. Credit:Cara O'Dowd
Class: design-style
A winning way with Australian merino wool
Tags: Design | Fashion | Inspiring Australian Women
The Sydney sisters behind fashion label macgraw have created an innovative new lace from wool that i ...
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Paolo Sebastian designer Paul Vasileff. Credit: Meaghan Coles
Class: design-style
Designer of dreams
Tags: Design | Innovation
In 2016 Australian fashion designer Paul Vasileff made his Paris debut with a haute couture collecti ...
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