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PhoneSat 1.0
Class: science-style
Expat Entrepreneur blasts off
From country New South Wales to low-earth orbit, Chris Boshuizen’s fascination with space has launch ...
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Dr Vikram Khurana
Class: science-style
Battling baffling brain disease
Using yeast, stem cells and his impressive brain power, clinician and neuroscientist Vikram Khurana ...
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LANDTEM, image supplied by CSIRO
Class: science-style
LANDTEM: Making mineral exploration easy
LANDTEM, an Australian invention that creates a three-dimensional map of underground ore bodies has ...
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Associate Professor Udantha Abeyratne, The University of Queensland
Class: science-style
Cough into my smartphone
Drawing on a lifetime of innovative research conducted across several countries, Associate Professor ...
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Image provided by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), credit James Gathany
Class: science-style | science-style | society-style
Australia's mosquito men
An international team of scientists led by Professor Scott O’Neill of Monash University has develope ...
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