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Class: science-style
A simple treatment to reduce birth defects
Tags: Inspiring Australian Women
In what could be one of the most significant discoveries in pregnancy research in decades, Australia ...
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Class: culture-style
Keeping culture strong
He’s one of the longest standing artistic directors in Australia, but Bangarra Dance Theatre’s Steph ...
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Class: design-style
Betty Tran: A cross cultural couture journey
Tags: Fashion | Inspiring Australian Women
Since launching her fashion brand in 2012, Betty Tran has built a global empire fuelled by glamorous ...
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Class: technology-style
Paul Dastoor: In sunshine or in shadow
Tags: Clean Energy | Clean Power | Engineering | Environment | Innovation | Photovolatics
Solar panels as thin as a sheet of transparency plastic. Solar panels printed with electronic inks t ...
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Class: technology-style
Australian gamers training astronauts
A virtual reality (VR) game developed by award-winning Australian company Opaque Media is being used ...
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A Western Australian farmer Ray Harrington
Class: environment-style
Ray Harrington: Man v Weeds
A Western Australian farmer is leading the charge in the global war on weeds with innovative technol ...
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Class: business-style
In search of the perfect noodle
Tags: Inspiring Australian Women
Japan’s iconic Udon noodles need premium wheat varieties to produce a flawless product. This wheat i ...
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Australian chef Beau Clugston. Image credit: Paul Bert
Class: food-style
Simplicity: a winning recipe
From a young surfer with a taste for fresh seafood to top chef in the best restaurant in the world, ...
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Class: technology-style
Anti-counterfeit technology protecting Australian food
Australia produces some of the highest quality food in the world, but a number of overseas operators ...
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