Building Brand Australia

Building Brand Australia 

In 2009 the Australian Government hosted a series of discussions about the importance of Australia’s international image for exporters, and the ways in which industry might benefit from and contribute to updating Brand Australia.

Those conversations led to a commitment of $20 million over four years for the Building Brand Australia Program: a whole-of-government initiative administered by Austrade - the agency responsible for promoting Australian trade, investment and education.

The purpose of the Program was to develop a knowledge base, assets and strategies that can be used to help enrich Australia’s reputation over time.

Work on the Program continues, positioning Australia as a world-class business partner and showcasing our commercial, intellectual and creative credentials. It not only supports Australian firms seeking international buyers, investors and students, but it also supports successful economic, cultural and political engagement more broadly.


Research shows that Australia is one of the world’s most admired nations. We are famous for our beautiful and productive natural assets, and Australians are considered warm, trustworthy and capable.

But Australia’s reputation for innovation, creativity, technology and science is not as good as it deserves to be.

Using digital content platforms, the Building Brand Australia Program  promoted the nation’s commercial, intellectual and creative credentials. And it asked Australia’s exporters, internationally focused business leaders, one-million-strong expat community and growing alumni around the world to do the same.  Their work is the best evidence we have that Australia is as clever as it is beautiful. The idea was to present meaningful, contemporary Australian stories in an engaging way. The focus was on Australia’s greatest asset. Not our beaches, but our people at home and abroad.

More than 450 stories have been published showcasing the work of our world-class scientists, designers, entrepreneurs, artists, humanitarians and internationally focused businesses that are shaping Australia’s engagement with the world. By sharing their stories through Australia Unlimited content platforms, we can show the world that Australia is as clever as it is beautiful, and to create a new Australian narrative based on collaboration, capability, confidence and creativity.

  • A note on terminology: ‘Brand’ means the same as reputation or image. Brand Australia is not a logo or graphic device but the sum of rational and emotional qualities that people associate with Australia. Brand Australia is not how we see ourselves (that’s national identity), but how others see Australia. Australia is a brand. Australia Unlimited is a brand identity.

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Australia is already well known for its friendly people, spectacular environment, resources and lifestyle. But this is only part of our story. Contemporary Australia is a confident, creative and outward looking nation, with a strong economy and an abundance of talented people.
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