Engaging with the Building Brand Australia Program

Australia Unlimited has been developed to be used flexibly, in conjunction with other brandmarks, across government and industry.

A strong country reputation or ‘brand’ has been described as the best gift a country can give its exporters. Australia’s positive reputation rubs off on all of us, particularly those engaged in international business.

How you can use the brand

If you are working to position or promote Australia, Australian capability or Australian goods or services internationally you can tap into Australia's good reputation through your use of Australia Unlimited and the other assets developed through the Building Brand Australia program by:

  • Co-branding with the Australia Unlimited brandmark on your digital platforms and/or marketing collateral
  • Applying Australia Unlimited (brandmark and assets using the brand guidelines) across specific international events, meetings and exhibitions)
  • Developing a unique application of Australia Unlimited for a specific program

If your core business, activity, event or program involves the presentation of Australia to an international audience we would like to hear from you.

Express interest in using the Brand

Promoting Australia's education internationally? Use ‘Future Unlimited’.

Who can use Australia Unlimited

The Building Brand Australia Program is administered according to the relevant laws and policies for an Australian Government program. Those using Australia Unlimited must therefore:

  • Express corporate aims, values and objectives consistent with the Building Brand Australia Program, Austrade, and Australian, state and local government policy and standards
  • Be financially solvent
  • Have a proven track-record in delivery of international activities
  • Pose minimal reputational risk to the Australian Government internationally
  • Not be engaged in discriminatory activity or activity which is detrimental to public health and safety.


Agreements with brand partners are formalised through a logo license or MOU (used with FMA Act Australian Government agencies or departments), both of which are underpinned by our Logo Requirements document (PDF 89.6KB).

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