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Australia’s reputation of sun-drenched beaches and stunning landscapes is well-entrenched around the world, but we have more to offer.

We’re a nation rich in cultural, scientific and business talent, driving the country forward with creativity and passion.
However, global research clearly shows that not enough is known about these achievements.

And that’s what this website is all about: sharing the stories of people changing the world for the better – through their art, business acumen, scientific or humanitarian efforts.

The common thread is Australia: whether it’s through a person’s place of birth or their experience of living, working or studying in the country, Australia Unlimited explores the contribution Australia’s people are making to global issues.

This website is the central point for these stories of creativity and capability. You'll find compelling articles, combined with stunning photography and engaging multimedia.

We’d love you to share these stories: our Creative Commons licence actively encourages visitors to this website to take this content and use through their own communication channels.

A brand for the nation

Australia Unlimited is a nation brand that was developed in response to global research that demonstrated our global reputation was based more on our physical attributes than our intellectual ones.

The brand is part of a broader program called Building Brand Australia, which is funded by the Australian Government, to enhance our international reputation.

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Australia Unlimited Video 2015

About Australia Unlimited

Australia Unlimited is the voice of contemporary Australia, telling inspiring stories of talented Australians, both at home and abroad, profiling their contributions through their creativity, business acumen, scientific, innovative and humanitarian endeavours.



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