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  • Australian tech startup transforms US city services -  OpenCities | San Francisco | May 2017
    Every day people engage with their local governments in countless ways – from registering pets to paying parking fines. But according to 2016 research by Australian startup OpenCities, many city websites in Australia, New Zealand and the US fail on a number of counts, including readability, data privacy and mobile readiness. OpenCities is transforming how cities deliver services to their communities through out-of-the-box digital solutions. It is a product that has been validated at the highest level with the company recently forming a strategic partnership with Microsoft.
  • Event & Sports Tech Startup Scores Touchdown in US - Event Workforce Group (EWG) | San Francisco | May 2017
    Australian startup Event Workforce Group (EWG) used its workforce management technology to help mobilise 30,000 volunteers at the Super Bowl in 2017, the largest volunteer workforce in the event’s 50-year history. Founded in Melbourne in 2011 by university students Bennett Merriman and Shannon Gove, EWG began life as a placement agency to help motivated tertiary students and graduates find casual work experience. Major sporting events received quality staff and students were more employable upon graduating.
  • To Asia and Beyond: Medtech Scale-up Goes Global - Zed Technologies | Singapore | May 2017
    Getting an X-ray or a CT scan traditionally meant leaving the clinic with a large envelope of films and finding somewhere to store them at home, not knowing when or if you would need them again. Australian company Zed Technologies is changing that with its cloud-based service, which gives patients anytime access to their X-rays, MRIs, scans and ultrasounds through an app. The company also works with radiology departments to develop software and workflow solutions.
  • HR Tech Startup Launches a Recruitment Revolution - myInterview | Tel Aviv | May 2017
    When the founders of Australian startup myInterview began university, they found it difficult to land a part-time job using a traditional resume. This sparked the idea for myInterview, which Guy Abelsohn and Benjamin Gillman launched in 2014. myInterview helps employers hire the right people with a one-way video interview solution. Employers post ‘interviews’ on myInterview’s secure platform, including up to 10 text or video questions. When applying for a role, candidates have 30 seconds to review each question before recording a response.

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