Tel Aviv Landing Pad

The Australian Landing Pad @ SOSA, Tel Aviv

The Tel Aviv Landing Pad will be located at SOSA (South of Salame).  Described as 'the town centre for the innovation industry' in Tel Aviv, SOSA was founded by a community of innovation stakeholders, including some of the most prominent angel and venture capital investors in Israel. Occupying four stories of a vintage industrial building in South Tel Aviv, SOSA offers its members a uniquely crafted space, designed to promote interaction, creativity and collaboration.

"SOSA is run by a very talented team of entrepreneurs that strive to provide ongoing value to their members. Whether it's through specific events, or just spending time working in SOSA's shared space, we are able to meet, work and socialise with the best people from the entire startup community – from entrepreneurs to investors to service providers." Australian startup and SOSA member - Square Peg Capital 

Omri Wislizki, Tel Aviv Landing Pad Manager

OmriOmri Wislizki is the Australian Landing Pad Manager in Tel Aviv and has been with Austrade since May, 2016. As part of the Landing Pads team, Omri works with Australian startups seeking to access the Israeli market and innovation ecosystem.

Since joining Austrade, Omri has been at the centre of linking the Australian and Israeli startup ecosystem and developing strong networks within investor, startups and research communities, to assist Australian startups. 

As a Tel Aviv native Omri, has been involved in Israel's startup ecosystem throughout his career. 

After serving as a Parachute Instructor in the IDF, Omri received his B.A in communications and Interactive media from the IDC Media Lab.

Prior to joining Austrade, Omri was a technology scout for the Korean multi-national LG, as well as undertaking roles within a number of startups.

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Tel Aviv Landing Pad Participants

Location: Tel Aviv
CryptoPhoto is a new way for people to log-in to anything. It’s much faster and easier than passwords, but provides ultra-high security.
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kiss digital media
Location: Tel Aviv
kiss* digital media
Our 1stbase platform uses AI to create huge digital marketing footprints for SMBs at the touch of a button.
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Location: Tel Aviv
myInterview is a recruitment platform that matches candidates with employers through the power of video.
read more
Location: Tel Aviv
Working with freelancers shouldn’t be this hard. Speedlancer delivers extraordinary results by expert teams, in as little as 4 hours.
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In addition to the standard Landing Pad inclusions, participants in the Tel Aviv Landing Pads program will have the opportunity to participate in vertical themed, tailor made boot camps on subjects ranging from user interface design to pitching to investors (boot camps will be delivered up to four times a year with limited space of up to 10 participants)

"The Tel Aviv Landing Pad has been invaluable in shaping the direction of our company. We have had access to the top minds in technology from day one, giving us continued advice and support. The Tel Aviv Landing Pad is located in the premier startup hub SOSA, here we were able to work beside cutting edge startups and multinationals scouting the next big thing. The Israeli mentality is geared towards going global from day one, the Tel Aviv Landing Pad allowed us to prove our model for the US and EU markets." Landing Pad participant - Benjamin Gellman, Co-Founder, myInterview 


About Tel Aviv

A leading startup centre

Driven by government policy, Israel’s innovation ecosystem is one of the most developed in the world, shaped by a sophisticated network of major global investors, startups, relevant service providers such as expert IP lawyers, and world-class R&D institutions engaged in proactive commercialisation of research.

The Compass Global Startup Ecosystem, which ranks startup ecosystems around the world, ranked Tel Aviv in 2015 as the best startup centre outside of the United States. The Tel Aviv Municipality describes the city as “entrepreneurially-focused and no-nonsense … Tel Aviv packs a perfect ‘innovation ecosystem’ storm: thousands of high-tech companies and startups; leading multinationals; accelerators and co-working spaces; and dozens of networking events.”

A magnet for multinationals

There are more than 275 multinational research and development centres in Israel, established by global companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Apple, Applied Materials, eBay, Facebook, GE, General Motors, IBM, Intel, Microsoft, PayPal, Philips, Salesforce, Samsung, Sears, SingTel and Texas Instruments.

Strong venture capital network

The Israel Venture Capital Association reports that in 2015, venture capital funds in Israel raised US$4.43 billion in 708 deals. Israel raised more venture capital per capita than any other country.

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