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    Australian women


    Australian Women

    This International Women's Day celebrate the incredible scientific, social, economic and cultural achievements of Australian women. 



    Class: technology-style
    Putting data into play
    Catapult has grown from a modest Australian startup into a global leader in athlete analytics. Its technology is powering sports superstars and elite teams around the world, improving performance and preventing injuries before they happen.
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    Class: technology-style
    Ahead of the game in virtual reality
    New Australian gaming technology that allows groups of friends to roam about together in virtual reality chasing zombies has grabbed the attention of global gamers. The founders of Melbourne-based Zer ...
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    High-flying edutech platform
    Smart Sparrow began as a research group at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) and is now a global leader in online education with a focus on adaptive and personalised learning technology. More t ...
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    This is rocket science
    Italian rocket scientist Flavia Tata Nardini believes we are fast moving towards a world where everything from fridges to forests will be connected to the internet. Her startup, Fleet Space Technologi ...
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    From space beer and satellites to self-driving cars
    With inventions that led him to NASA and Toyota via the world’s first space beer, Dr Alex Green is proof of one thing – the future of Australian innovation sits centre on the world stage.
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    Australian startup set to revolutionise remote satellite connectivity
    An Adelaide-based startup with a growing fleet of small satellites and patented signals processing software plans to help businesses in remote locations worldwide affordably access the Internet of Thi ...
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    Class: technology-style
    Paul Dastoor: In sunshine or in shadow
    Solar panels as thin as a sheet of transparency plastic. Solar panels printed with electronic inks that conduct electricity. Solar panels that can work anywhere – in sunshine or shadow, on rooftops or ...
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    Australian gamers training astronauts
    A virtual reality (VR) game developed by award-winning Australian company Opaque Media is being used by NASA to train its astronauts for future space missions. The space agency’s Hybrid Reality Labora ...
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    Anti-counterfeit technology protecting Australian food
    Australia produces some of the highest quality food in the world, but a number of overseas operators have counterfeited food products so that they can sell inferior and potentially unsafe food labelle ...
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    Brand Australia in Action

    AU Brand Video 2015
    2015 Australia Unlimited Video
    Australia Unlimited looks to demonstrate Australian excellence across Business, Culture, Design, Env ...
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    Australian architect wins in London
    As part of the London Festival of Architecture, Australian Architect Andrew Burns and British landsc ...
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