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    Environmentally speaking

    Australians are working to improve our quality of life without harming the environment: furniture made from plastic ocean waste, a rubbish bin for the sea, the tallest commercial timber building, 'green' steel, and sustainable chocolate-making...


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    The indigenous rights champion
    From humble beginnings growing up in public housing, Professor Megan Davis became the first Australian Indigenous person to be elected to a UN body. She has dedicated her life to improving the rights of indigenous communities globally.
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    Navigating the AI revolution
    An Australian cultural anthropologist is helping the world find its way in the new era of artificial intelligence (AI).
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    Bringing nutrition to the table
    Australian social enterprise Food Ladder is improving the health and livelihoods of remote and disadvantaged communities around the world by training people how to grow fresh produce with sustainable ...
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    Ironing out Iodine Deficiency
    Professor Creswell Eastman has been dubbed ‘the man who saved a million brains’ for his work ensuring pregnant women in the developing world get enough iodine to prevent them suffering miscarriages or ...
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    Associate Professor Robyn Alders. Credit: University of Sydney
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    Empowering women by vaccinating chickens
    Australian veterinarian Robyn Alders developed a sustainable vaccination program immunising chickens against a deadly disease, ensuring millions of women in Asia and Africa have a reliable source of i ...
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    Nev Hyman with village elder in Vanuatu credit Ted Grambeau Photography/Nev House
    Class: society-style
    Australian surfing icon delivers sustainable houses for communities in need
    From surfboards to sustainable shelters, Nev Hyman’s latest startup is providing safe, affordable housing to some of the world’s most vulnerable people. His low-cost houses are cyclone-proof, built al ...
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    Local people from the Arabian Desert in Jordan helping Mina draw water from a well
    Class: society-style
    Mina Guli: Athlete, educator, water-saving wonder woman
    Beijing-based Australian Mina Guli is educating students around China about the severity of the global water crisis and raising awareness by completing superhuman challenges.
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    Image provided by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), credit James Gathany
    Class: science-style | science-style | society-style
    Australia's mosquito men
    An international team of scientists led by Professor Scott O’Neill of Monash University has developed a natural method to reduce the spread of dengue fever across the tropics. He and fellow Australian ...
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    A drop in the bucket
    Twenty years ago, Rhett Butler saw many children in developing regions drinking polluted water. As a result, he developed a unique solution that led to the formation of Skyjuice, an organisation that ...
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