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    Anatomics: Australian Innovation

    Anatomics were the first in the world to develop the interface between a CT scanner and a 3D printer enabling them to manufacture customised medical devices. Anatomics is creating the technology that will allow surgeons all around the world to print off an implant to their exact specifications.


    Desert Knowledge Precinct
    Class: business-style
    Sparks in the Desert
    Nestled deep in Australia’s Red Centre, the Desert Knowledge Precinct is home to innovative organisations and initiatives that create opportunities for desert communities. These include the Intyalheme Centre for Future Energy, which aims to become a world leader in renewables research.
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    Class: business-style
    Burning bright
    With a fusion of French savoir-faire and Australian can-do attitude and creativity, Elise Pioch Balzac has built a global luxury candle business taking Australian native ingredients to the world. Mais ...
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    Class: business-style
    Australian fashion flies high in China
    After a chance meeting on a plane, Australian business women Katie Pratt and Amy Li have grown their fashion label Elliatt into a global success. Their designs are stocked in 1,200 stores around the w ...
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    Class: business-style
    In search of the perfect noodle
    Japan’s iconic Udon noodles need premium wheat varieties to produce a flawless product. This wheat is sourced from Western Australia, the world’s leading supplier of noodle wheat into Japan and Korea. ...
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    Mike Aitken
    Class: business-style
    Digital money makes cashless society a reality
    Award-winning academic and entrepreneur Mike Aitken’s new venture – digi.cash – is a technology that creates encrypted digital representations of assets such as cash and shares, in the process revolut ...
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    The original AgriTech team: Eduardo Santos de Paula, Ben Reid, Emma Weston, Bob McKay, Eric Hartono at Sydney's leading Fintech innovation hub Stone and Chalk.
    Class: business-style
    Grain gain: groundbreaking technology helps farmers
    Emma Weston is passionate about ensuring wheat farmers get paid fast and fairly. Her company, AgriDigital, is revolutionising the agriculture industry after conducting the world’s first live settlemen ...
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    Class: business-style
    Using the Internet of Things to increase global food production
    The United Nations has declared a need for new ideas if we are to feed the world by 2050. Australian entrepreneur Ros Harvey is using the Internet of Things and innovative technology to help agribusin ...
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    Cyan Ta'eed. Credit Envato.
    Class: business-style
    Bringing creative ideas to market
    Envato is a multimillion-dollar global business that has not taken a cent of funding since it was founded more than a decade ago. Co-founder Cyan Ta’eed explains how the bootstrapped startup became on ...
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    Jessica Wilson
    Class: business-style
    Stashd: A one-stop shopping app for global fashion
    A simple swipe to the right on a smartphone is connecting Chinese millennials with high-quality fashion brands from around the world, thanks to a young Australian entrepreneur and Chinese e-commerce g ...
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    Brand Australia in Action

    AU Brand Video 2015
    2015 Australia Unlimited Video
    Australia Unlimited looks to demonstrate Australian excellence across Business, Culture, Design, Env ...
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    Australian architect wins in London
    As part of the London Festival of Architecture, Australian Architect Andrew Burns and British landsc ...
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