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    Class: technology-style
    Paul Dastoor: In sunshine or in shadow
    Solar panels as thin as a sheet of transparency plastic. Solar panels printed with electronic inks that conduct electricity. Solar panels that can work anywhere – in sunshine or shadow, on rooftops or on walls – converting light into energy. This is what Professor Paul Dastoor of Australia’s University of Newcastle, has made a reality.
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    Class: food-style
    Finger Limes: Pearls of the Forest
    After decades perfecting the farming of tiny native Australian finger limes in a rainforest clearing a farmer trod the streets of Melbourne and Sydney to bring the native fruit to the best restaurants ...
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    Class: technology-style
    Australian gamers training astronauts
    A virtual reality (VR) game developed by award-winning Australian company Opaque Media is being used by NASA to train its astronauts for future space missions. The space agency’s Hybrid Reality Labora ...
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    A Western Australian farmer Ray Harrington
    Class: environment-style
    Ray Harrington: Man v Weeds
    A Western Australian farmer is leading the charge in the global war on weeds with innovative technology that is now being used on farms internationally.
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    Class: business-style
    In search of the perfect noodle
    Japan’s iconic Udon noodles need premium wheat varieties to produce a flawless product. This wheat is sourced from Western Australia, the world’s leading supplier of noodle wheat into Japan and Korea. ...
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    Australian chef Beau Clugston. Image credit: Paul Bert
    Class: food-style
    Simplicity: a winning recipe
    From a young surfer with a taste for fresh seafood to top chef in the best restaurant in the world, Beau Clugston’s passion for Australian native ingredients has taken him around the world.
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    Class: technology-style
    Anti-counterfeit technology protecting Australian food
    Australia produces some of the highest quality food in the world, but a number of overseas operators have counterfeited food products so that they can sell inferior and potentially unsafe food labelle ...
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    Class: technology-style
    Hacking Tech To Bring Healthcare To The World
    Australian scientist David Putrino mixes physiotherapy, neuroscience and technology to develop low-cost healthcare solutions that are easily accessible for under-served people around the world. He has ...
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    barrie web 2.png
    Class: technology-style
    World leaders in 3D printing
    3D printing is set to spark a global revolution in manufacturing and Australian company Amaero Engineering is leading the way.
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    Brand Australia in Action

    AU Brand Video 2015
    2015 Australia Unlimited Video
    Australia Unlimited looks to demonstrate Australian excellence across Business, Culture, Design, Env ...
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    Australian architect wins in London
    As part of the London Festival of Architecture, Australian Architect Andrew Burns and British landsc ...
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