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Atomo Rapid Diagnostics test
Class: business-style
Reinventing the blood testTags: University | Entrepreneur | Healthcare | Medicine | Science | Atomo | AtomoRapid | medical devices | diagnostic devices | Health
Observing his daughter’s experiences as she endured a painful blood test followed by a long wait for results, entrepreneur John Kelly realised he’d found a process in need of an overhaul. Within 24 mo ...
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Catherine Cervasio, founder of Aromababy
Class: business-style
The sweet smell of successTags: Entrepreneur | Inspiring Australian Women
Australian brand Aromababy pioneered therapeutic-grade, organic skin care products for babies 20 years ago and has won fans across the world. As company prepares to launch into new markets, Aromababy ...
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Gaurav Gupta
Class: business-style
Global change agentTags: Entrepreneur | India
Social entrepreneur Gaurav Gupta is a global development consultant and passionate exponent of positive social change. Through his work, Gupta is committed to demonstrating that it is possible to purs ...
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