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PhoneSat 1.0
Class: science-style
Expat Entrepreneur blasts off
From country New South Wales to low-earth orbit, Chris Boshuizen’s fascination with space has launched him on a professional journey of creative discovery. Now based in California, the award-winning p ...
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Matthew Sweeny, CEO Flirtey
Class: business-style
Flirtey: The rise of the drones...
When the first legal drone delivery on United States’ soil took place experts hailed it as a ‘Kitty Hawk moment’. This giant leap forward for the commercial drone industry was engineered by a start-up ...
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Tania Yuki, founder and Chief Executive Officer of the social media analysis firm, Shareablee
Class: technology-style
Tania Yuki - Social ClimberTags: Business | Digital Influencer | Digital | Innovation | Inspiring Australian Women | Technology
Tania Yuki has taken the New York tech world by storm with her social media analysis firm, Shareablee, and credits her Australian upbringing with her fearless approach to business.
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GoFar Founder Danny Adams
Class: technology-style
GoFar – Helping you drive smarter
Danny Adams describes himself as an ‘eco-petrolhead’ and it appears the environment and motorists have much to thank him for. Adams has invented an affordable, user-friendly, driver feedback device na ...
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