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    Science Recap.png
    Class: science-style
    Australians leading the way in science
    Meet the next generation of scientific leaders who are developing our knowledge of the universe and finding new ways to solve complex problems. From a heart device that works without a pulse, to the race to build the world's first quantum computer.
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    Dr Paddy Neumann works on the Neumann Drive.  Credit Neumann Industries.
    Class: technology-style
    Paddy Neumann: Rocket man
    Australian rocket scientist Dr Paddy Neumann has invented technology that could revolutionise space travel: his rocket drive recycles space junk for fuel and is set to be tested on the International S ...
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    Dharmica Mistry
    Class: science-style
    The revolutionary blood test to detect breast cancer
    Dr Dharmica Mistry is one of the Australian scientists behind a groundbreaking discovery that will make it possible to detect breast cancer through a blood test.
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    Professor Helen Christensen from the Black Dog Institute. Credit: UNSW
    Class: technology-style
    Social media: the new frontier in mental health
    More than 300 million people around the world suffer depression and mental illness is rising. Australian researcher Helen Christensen’s world-leading research looks at how digital and online technolog ...
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    Michelle Simmons in lab at the University of New South Wales. Credit: CQC2T
    Class: science-style
    Australia leading the global quantum race
    A pioneer in the fabrication of single-atom electronic devices, physicist Michelle Simmons has turned Australia into a global powerhouse in the international race to develop a viable quantum computer. ...
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    Cyan Ta'eed. Credit Envato.
    Class: business-style
    Bringing creative ideas to market
    Envato is a multimillion-dollar global business that has not taken a cent of funding since it was founded more than a decade ago. Co-founder Cyan Ta’eed explains how the bootstrapped startup became on ...
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    Associate Professor Robyn Alders. Credit: University of Sydney
    Class: society-style
    Empowering women by vaccinating chickens
    Australian veterinarian Robyn Alders developed a sustainable vaccination program immunising chickens against a deadly disease, ensuring millions of women in Asia and Africa have a reliable source of i ...
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    Beth and Tessa Macgraw. Credit:Cara O'Dowd
    Class: design-style
    A winning way with Australian merino wool
    The Sydney sisters behind fashion label macgraw have created an innovative new lace from wool that is winning them attention on the global stage.
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    Clare Smith. Credit: Peter Mathew
    Class: science-style
    The Australian Scientist Fighting Malaria and Tuberculosis
    Dr Clare Smith’s pioneering research investigates the role of the human genome in the spread of disease.The Australian scientist is focusing her efforts on the global fight against malaria and tubercu ...
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    Brand Australia in Action

    AU Brand Video 2015
    2015 Australia Unlimited Video
    Australia Unlimited looks to demonstrate Australian excellence across Business, Culture, Design, Env ...
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    Australian architect wins in London
    As part of the London Festival of Architecture, Australian Architect Andrew Burns and British landsc ...
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