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Gavin Blake. Photo by Natalie Hunfalvay.
Class: design-style
Scribe of the Times
Gavin Blake’s work as a graphic facilitator has graced the screens of TED and TEDx conferences across the globe and his services are sought by some of the world’s most recognisable companies. It’s all in a day’s work for the man who can’t stop drawing.
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Prof. Stuart Crozier with a Radiofrequency (RF) coil. (Image courtesy of the University of Queensland)
Class: technology-style
A clear vision of success
As one of the world’s leading innovators in medical imaging technology, Professor Stuart Crozier is touching the lives of countless patients. His advancements in MRI scanner technology have been used ...
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Sun Masamune’s Managing Director Allan Noble
Class: food-style
Australia's Sake Success Story
The small team behind Australia’s only sake brewery, Sun Masamune, is driven by a passion and thirst for making a handcrafted product from only the best-quality Australian ingredients. They’ve had so ...
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Image of Australian chef, Luke Mangan
Class: food-style
Luke Mangan, Man of the Land
On the eve of a high-profile dinner highlighting Australian produce at his Tokyo restaurant, chef Luke Mangan reflects on his international career, the changing face of Australian dining, and the evol ...
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Class: environment-style
Forests of the future
Take one plant physiologist and a team of 90 international scientists. Add Australian Government funding and a world-class environmental studies facility set near native woodland. The result is EucFAC ...
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Class: design-style
Designer to the stars
Australian Johanna Johnson is the designer du jour, dressing the likes of Madonna, Pink and Lady Gaga. But despite the continual international demand for her and her gowns, Johnson is determined to re ...
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Class: society-style
A drop in the bucket
Twenty years ago, Rhett Butler saw many children in developing regions drinking polluted water. As a result, he developed a unique solution that led to the formation of Skyjuice, an organisation that ...
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Class: business-style
Bridging worlds
Authenticity, courage and 'throwing yourself through every door that opens' have been at the foundation of Audette Exel’s extraordinary achievements in international finance and community-driven human ...
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Image provided by SA Tourism Commission
Class: food-style
South Australia's bounty Island
Kangaroo Island sits in cool water of the Southern Ocean that wells up from Antarctica. Crystal clear, the sea appears azure blue as it laps the golden sandy beaches and pounds the rugged rocky cliffs ...
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Foundation of Young Australians CEO, Jan Owen
Class: society-style
Advocating for Australia's youth
Meet Jan Owen, chief executive of the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) and tireless campaigner for Australia's young people. Jan's work with FYA is gaining international interest because of her ...
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