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Anita Heiss, one of Australia’s most prolific Aboriginal authors
Class: culture-style
The Storyteller
Anita Heiss is one of Australia’s most prolific Aboriginal authors. She’s penned a dozen books and has another three on the way. But she still has unfinished business when it comes to Australian literature.
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Class: science-style
Diamonds are a scientist's best friend
Dr Amanda Barnard is one of Australia’s leading scientists and an award-winning researcher with a growing international profile. Her diamond nanoparticle discovery has the potential to change the live ...
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Jasmin Herro, founder and Chief Executive Officer of Outback Global.
Class: business-style
The Herro's Journey
Award-winning entrepreneur Jasmin Herro is breaking new ground for Indigenous businesspeople, acting as a role model for girls and launching a project that brings a fresh approach to teaching children ...
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Ron Allum at work, Image provided by Ron Allum Deepsea Services Pty Ltd
Class: environment-style
The man who built James Cameron a foam submarine
For decades, Ron Allum has been assisting directors to access and film in some of the most remote locations on earth. After developing an innovative material to allow Hollywood heavy hitter James Came ...
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Baba Marda live rocks
Class: environment-style
Live rock stars
The trio of blue-collar blokes behind Baba Marda (Abrolhos Live Rock Pty Ltd) leveraged a lifetime of fishing knowledge to create a limestone substrate that can be used to regrow reefs. After investin ...
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Gavin Blake. Photo by Natalie Hunfalvay.
Class: design-style
Scribe of the Times
Gavin Blake’s work as a graphic facilitator has graced the screens of TED and TEDx conferences across the globe and his services are sought by some of the world’s most recognisable companies. It’s all ...
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Prof. Stuart Crozier with a Radiofrequency (RF) coil. (Image courtesy of the University of Queensland)
Class: technology-style
A clear vision of success
As one of the world’s leading innovators in medical imaging technology, Professor Stuart Crozier is touching the lives of countless patients. His advancements in MRI scanner technology have been used ...
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Sun Masamune’s Managing Director Allan Noble
Class: food-style
Australia's Sake Success Story
The small team behind Australia’s only sake brewery, Sun Masamune, is driven by a passion and thirst for making a handcrafted product from only the best-quality Australian ingredients. They’ve had so ...
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Image of Australian chef, Luke Mangan
Class: food-style
Luke Mangan, Man of the Land
On the eve of a high-profile dinner highlighting Australian produce at his Tokyo restaurant, chef Luke Mangan reflects on his international career, the changing face of Australian dining, and the evol ...
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Class: environment-style
Forests of the future
Take one plant physiologist and a team of 90 international scientists. Add Australian Government funding and a world-class environmental studies facility set near native woodland. The result is EucFAC ...
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