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Class: business-style
Bridging worlds
Authenticity, courage and 'throwing yourself through every door that opens' have been at the foundation of Audette Exel’s extraordinary achievements in international finance and community-driven humanitarian development. Find out how she's successfully bridging the two to solve some of the world’s toughest challenges.
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Image provided by SA Tourism Commission
Class: food-style
South Australia's bounty Island
Kangaroo Island sits in cool water of the Southern Ocean that wells up from Antarctica. Crystal clear, the sea appears azure blue as it laps the golden sandy beaches and pounds the rugged rocky cliffs ...
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Foundation of Young Australians CEO, Jan Owen
Class: society-style
Advocating for Australia's youth
Meet Jan Owen, chief executive of the Foundation for Young Australians (FYA) and tireless campaigner for Australia's young people. Jan's work with FYA is gaining international interest because of her ...
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Future Chasers
Future Chasers
To mark Australia Day 2015, we’ve profiled a group of inspiring young people using Australia experiences to make a positive global impact. Digitally-savvy, tertiary educated, with a strong sense of c ...
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Class: food-style
The Australian Craft Beer Revolution
Australia’s booming craft beer industry is capturing the hearts and taste buds of beer lovers around the world. The brewers share a passion for making liquid gold with character, that is best enjoyed ...
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Class: food-style
Artisan flavours from Australia’s Sunshine Coast
The natural beauty and laid back lifestyle of the Sunshine Coast has made the region attractive not only to local and international visitors but to cutting edge businesses keen to export their clean g ...
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Class: design-style
Video interview: Remo Giuffré, TedxSydney
Remo Giuffré is an entrepreneur and global people connector. Founder and Director of the internationally lauded TEDxSydney, Giuffré is creator of ‘The General Thinking Network’ and author of the recen ...
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Class: science-style
Cancer-fighting spheres go global
Australian life sciences company Sirtex has developed a cancer treatment based around microscopically small irradiated beads. The company’s SIR-Spheres have already improved the lives of many liver ca ...
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Class: culture-style
Forging a path to the silver screen
Having recently established a joint venture with Chinese animation giant Shanghai Hippo, Bunbury-based creative studio and film production company Vue Group is using Australian and Chinese expertise t ...
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Class: food-style
Western Australia’s Fertile Farmland and Forest Giants
Down in Western Australia’s Southern Forests region is a patchwork landscape of ancient forests, rich pastures, ordered vineyards and clean, clear waters of the coast. Famed for its national parks, de ...
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